Hi! I have a blog. I suspect I will eventually change the name of this blog, and possibly my URL, to something a little less self-conscious, but I am not a terribly creative person, or at the very least, not good at naming things.

My name is Annie. I am a college student in the Midwest. I am twenty years old. I am an art major. I like to think about art in terms of labor, class, and power structures. This makes me sound like a pretentious jerkwad, and maybe I am. However, I really try to be a nice person.

I also have struggled with an eating disorder for about seven years. It has pretty much consumed my identity for most of that period, and while I’m in a state of recovery right now (and have been, in my opinion, mentally recovered for at least a year and a half), I still experience things through that. I can’t separate myself from it. I am consciously trying to not identify myself specifically as an anorexic or a recovering anorexic, but sometimes I find stuff so patently ridiculous I am compelled to comment on it from my perspective.

I plan on talking about design, art, experiences, and identity in this blog. Fashion and knitting will occasionally make an appearance. I suppose I’m just really trying to figure out where I’m at in the world.

If you’d like to contact my, my email address is itisanniebelle@gmail.com. I am AWFUL at returning emails, but I will try my darndest to get back to you ASAP!


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