A rather sad update on those Korean fabrics, and alternatives

After emailing the address at the bottom of their website, a lovely representative replied and told me that alas, Chungage does not ship to the United States. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t look and love their beautiful fabrics and plan on visiting Seoul someday! Seriously, if there is a way I can find/become an agent/distributor for these fabrics, it would bring me so much freakin’ joy.
However, there are a few similar designers out there that you can purchase via the Internet or Stateside (click on the pictures to go to the website):
Cath Kidston
Cath Kidston makes a lot of classic, English rose garden-type prints.
Several collections of basics and floral prints. The image I posted links to the US website where you can find a lot of stores that stock them.
Yuwa seems to be the closest to the fabrics I’ve found on Chungage and In-Fabric. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a dedicated distributor for them. The image above links to a quick Rakuten search for “Yuwa” and you can find some of their fabrics at Purl, Shabby Fabrics, and on Etsy.
Avenue 55
Avenue 55 is an Etsy seller selling things I recognize from the In-Fabric and Chungage website! (Wouldn’t the fabric above make a pretty raincoat?)
And of course, there is perhaps the fabric to end all fabrics, Liberty
Almost anyone that knows anything about fabrics knows about Liberty. They’re lovely cotton prints from England. TrueUp has a rather comprehensive source guide.
And finally another pretty Cheongage/Chungage print…
The representative I spoke to told me that they purchase the fabric from mills. If I had the money and knowledge, I would seriously become a United States distributor for these fabrics because I think they are so lovely! (The designs certainly make me want to design my own lovely light linen fabrics!) In the meantime, though, I’ll just look and fantasize.

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